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  1. Mind Incarceration
  2. Holographic Reprise
  3. Particles Particles
  4. Dear Planck
  5. Nebula
  6. Unfathomable Ways
  7. The Holographic Principle
  8. Radioactivity
  9. Brightest Star
  10. Heisenberg
  11. The V
  12. Cihpargoloh

Gulli Gudmundsson (bass and laptop)
Arve Henriksen (trumpet)
Wolfert Brederode (piano)

Recorded live in SJU-Huis, Utrecht in Holland Saturday 7 january 2006.



Earlier recordings: ONE HAND, recorded in RITS studios, Brussels april 2003.

Soon available as download on RAT Records.

Binary Orchid featuring Gulli Gudmundsson (double bass, electric bass, acoustic guitar, loops), Jozef Dumoulin ( Rhodes, piano, harmonium, loops) and Lieven Venken - drums, percussion.

Audio sample: Frostnight - Heyoke - One Hand

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